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ESP surf sales is a business which is dedicated to introducing new brands into the UK. We are the UK distributer for this brilliant range of Dylan surfboards from Australia and our main aim is to offer top quality products for competitive prices.We will continually be adding ranges to our site so make sure you visit regularly and don’t hesitate to contact us. We will be happy to give any advice on products.

Dylan Boards

We are very proud to announce we are the only UK importer of these stunning boards, have a look through the range below and see if any of these boards now available in the uk suit will suit your quiver?

If there’s a little juice in the waves, even when its smaller, and you want a board that’s going to perform, these are your go to models.

[product id="558"]
[product id="607"]
[product id="609"]
[product id="614"]
[product id="617"]
[product id="620"]
[product id="623"]

These are the boards that will give you that extra speed, squirt and forgiveness you need when the waves have that soft feel and less power.

[product id="623"]
[product id="631"]
[product id="634"]
[product id="638"]
[product id="641"]
[product id="643"]

When you start questioning yourself because its well overhead or slabbing real heavy, these are what Dylan has tested all around the world.

[product id="549"]
[product id="653"]
[product id="655"]

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